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43% of all internet websites run on WordPress. While that is a huge portion, nobody said all those sites run smoothly. In reality the opposit is true. My mission is to change that. At least by an inch. Are you with me?

Web Speed Review

Are you experiencing slowness when browsing your site? Or even worse getting 50x server errors? WordPress is often blamed to be slow, but in reality many of these 'pseudo' problems can be solved by proper setup and good coding practices.

Hosting & Maintenance

Are you not happy with your current hosting services? Are you spending too much time trying to explain to support guys about the issue you are having and getting nowhere? I've got experience hosting and managing sites, where traffic ranges from few hundred to thousands of users a day. The biggest spike I noticed was around 700.000 users a day.

Custom Development

I've been working with WordPress CMS since 2006. During that time I've worked on different projects which range from smaller websites for individuals to big news sites where daily traffic between 100k - 300k uniques a day isn't rare.

Breathe Again

Let’s face it. Managing website content is tough on its own. I am here to help, to bring you back to sanity, to let you breathe again. And I don’t ask you to prepay a package or to subscribe.

Clients World-wide

Free Estimates

Finding efficient solutions requires a unique approach to each client. A basic audit of your current setup is needed in order to give you an accurate quote. Ask for a free audit and see what can be improved!

Review & Report

  • Basic audit is provided free of charge
  • Analysis of your back-end & front-end performance
  • Identification of bottlenecks and suggested resolutions
  • Cost estimates for each recommendation


  • Apache, PHP, MariaDB, Memcached, Redis, shell access
  • TIER IV datacenter. Daily backups stored at 2 geographically independent locations
  • Possibility to test everything before going live (including email setup)
  • Active firewall for efficient blocking of known attacks

Custom Dev

  • Custom development of WordPress themes
  • Custom development of WordPress plugins
  • Consultations - thinking to use WordPress for your next project? Not sure if WP is a good starting point? Happy to discuss and help you to make the right choice.
£50 /hour

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Web Speed Review

Slow loading of site can be caused by different factors and doesn't necessarily always have to be hosting related. Let me review your current setup and highlight possible solutions to speed up your web presentation. Results can be easily measured by some external service such as webpagetest.org or Google PageSpeed Insights

Hosting & Maintenance

Having a stable hosting and an efficiently setup environment is a must and is basically a prerequisite for having your site running smoothly. In case your current host doesn't meet todays standards (HTTP 2, free SSL, daily backups, PHP 8.2, SSD drives etc.) feel free to get in touch for more information and a free quote with no obligations.

Custom Development

WordPress is often great starting point for many projects. I've got experience running different high traffic systems from this CMS such as advertising management, content recommendations or football predictors. Do you have any custom functionality in mind which requires special treatment? Feel free to get in touch to discuss.

About Me

WP Advisor Story - how I got here?

During the last few years, there’s been more and more clients coming to me asking for hosting/WordPress related advice and that’s how WP Advisor was born. There’s simply a common pattern for all. A client starts a website using some well-known hosting provided usually by some bigger company. Once reaching a certain point in terms of traffic, the site starts struggling. Instead of trying first to look at the root cause of problems, people are usually advised to upgrade to a virtual or dedicated machine, which makes sense in a way.

It works for a while, but sooner or later, clients end up with a slow/not working website again, paying £200-£300 a month and not really getting any extra attention or treatment. This is exactly the scenario where I can help – setting up a reliable hosting environment, with proper setup, professional advice related to the WordPress platform and an individual approach to each client.

Technologies & Conferences

Let's Talk

I am here to help. Feel free to get in touch.

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Call me –
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